Mining and the Environment

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The mining industry has a strong commitment to responsibly conducting business. Environmental and community sustainability are vital to the mining industry. Today’s mines are sustainably planned, designed, and operated with post-mining closure and reclamation in mind. Although mining operations are regulated through a comprehensive suite of state and federal environmental laws and regulations, mining companies strive to exceed community expectations by taking voluntary actions above and beyond regulatory requirements to enhance the environment. The mining industry actively participates in the research, development, and implementation of new technologies to reduce environmental impacts.

Minerals used in clean energy technologies compared to other power generation sources

Mine Reclamation

For over 100 years, the Utah Mining Association has had the honor of representing an industry that is essential to everyone’s lifestyle and standard of living. As the beginning of the supply chain for everything we use and everything we do as a society, the mining industry has a great story to tell, and our association exists to tell that story.

Current Mining Operations

The Utah Minerals Reclamation Program enforces the Utah Mined Land Reclamation Act enacted by the Utah Legislature in 1975 (Utah Code Title 40, Chapter 8). The purpose of the Act is to ensure all mining operations in the state include plans for reclamation of the lands affected. All large mining operations within the state are required to have an approved notice of intention with the Minerals Program prior to beginning operations. 

Abandoned Mines 

In 1975, the Utah Mined Reclamation Act was passed making it illegal for mines to be abandoned. Today there are an estimated 17,000 mine openings scattered across Utah.

The Abandoned Mine Reclamation Program (AMRP) works to protect the public from dangers of old mines by sealing off access to openings and cleaning up waste.

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